Posted: Sep 25 2014

PushXPro - Training Equipment Review by Nick Nilsson - "The Mad Scientist Of Muscle"

You can get a pair here: http://www.fitstep.com/goto/10/push-x-pro.htm

"This is an excellent piece of training equipment, designed to improve and increase the intensity of the push-up. I tested it on push-ups and used it for a variety of other exercises (of course!)." - Nick

"Very well built and allows for some very cool exercise variations!" - Nick

You can get a pair here:

http://www.fitstep.com/goto/10/push-x-pro.htm — with Nick Nilsson.

www.pushXpro.com - PUSHXPRO is an uncomplicated, yet highly versatile exercise device that focuses on strengthening the upper body, arms, back, and core using eccentric and stability forces to provide unparalleled strengthening results - it combines several different workout devices into one seamless device!

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